Granadillo Table Top: 36 x 30


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An exotic wood that is bright red to reddish or purplish brown, with rather distinct stripes. The sapwood is clearly distinct from the heartwood, and is almost white in color. It is a gorgeous wood that varies from violet to dark red to brown with frequent dark stripes and pronounced figure. It is very hard, heavy and dense with tight grain and fine texture. Frequently used in fine furniture and cabinetry, flooring, musical instruments and specialty items such as violin bows and billiard cues.

Only 1 left in stock

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Other Common Names:
Coyote, Guayacan

Botanical Name:
Platymiscium spp.


Mature Tree Height, Diameter:
80 ft , 2 – 3 1/2 ft

Weight @ 12% M/C:
55 – 73 lbs./ft.3

Working Properties:
Not difficult to work, finishes smoothly, and takes a high polish.

Growing Regions:
Southern Mexico to the Brazilian Amazon region, and Trinidad.

General Characteristics:
Granadillo comes in red, black or brown colors.
The black is much like Morado — a dark brown,
usually distinctly striped, grain straight,
texture mostly medium to fine.
The red is much like Honduras Rosewood,
a reddish-brown, grain frequently irregular,
prone to show figure, texture mostly medium to fine.

Cabinetry, turnery, musical instruments, billiard cues