8/4 Figured Cherry Live Edge Slab: 20 x 72


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Natural cherry wood is perhaps the most prized furniture hardwood in America and it is famed for its durability and beautiful color. Cherry is a smooth-grained, reddish-brown hardwood that comes from the American Black Cherry fruit tree. Cherry wood comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, white, red and dark brown. The darker heartwood adds a touch of elegance to its surroundings, while lighter versions are perfect for furniture. It is extremely heavy and durable, which is one reason that colonial carpenters used it for cabinets and furniture. Cherry wood has a smooth, satiny grain that can be enhanced with the application of stain. It steams easily, which makes it ideal for use in curved projects, such as making boats and furniture. It does contract and expand slightly as the humidity of its locations changes. Cherry wood is highly prized by woodworkers because of its rich color, smooth grain and flexibility. It is frequently used in toys, caskets, paneling, furniture and flooring. Cherry wood costs less than many other hardwoods, which makes it even more attractive for carpenters and woodworkers.

Only 1 left in stock

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Common Name(s): Black Cherry, Cherry, American Cherry

Scientific Name: Prunus serotina

Distribution: Eastern North America

Tree Size: 50-100 ft (15-30 m) tall, 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m) trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 35 lbs/ft3 (560 kg/m3)

Workability: Cherry is known as being one of the best all-around woods for workability. It is stable, straight-grained, and machines well. The only difficulties typically arise if the wood is being stained, as it can sometimes give blotchy results?using a sanding sealer prior to staining, or using a gel-based stain is recommended. Sapwood is common, and may contribute to a high wastage factor.

Odor: Has a mild, distinctive scent when being worked.

Common Uses: Cabinetry, fine furniture, flooring, interior millwork, veneer, turned objects, and small specialty wood items.

Black Cherry develops a rich reddish-brown patina as it ages that?s frequently imitated with wood stains on other hardwoods such as Yellow Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera). This aging process can be accelerated by exposing the wood (in a judicious manner) to direct sunlight.